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Well-trained employees are a crucial factor in any company’s success


Skills development and expert knowledge make companies competitive and innovative. With our available training courses for industry, we help you achieve these goals – with practical experience, innovative learning methods, and a concept that’s tailored to the customer’s specific needs.[/vc_column_text]


All of us keep learning more and longer – for our work, for our career, and for ourselves


WIACS Training offers the right source of knowledge, so you can select the suitable way you preferred
Near you, wherever you are

With our two areas – Online training and face-to-face training at in our classrooms and onsite training  – we  provides you an all-encompassing range of options for an ongoing expansion of your knowledge and skills, suited for every type of learner.


Learn – but take the right training


The time to know is now. But where can you get expert knowledge for your project or career? Where can you find training that also leads you to many other sources of knowledge?

Discover the full packages of our courses


Starting from teaching of basic knowledge, and advanced to special knowledge, WIACS courses deliver extensive expertise directly from the fact and encompass the entire spectrum of industrial automation and control systems.

To meet with our client’s training demand we have introduced our standard courses package and provide further and customized courses on demand. We provide training to users varying from DCS, Drives, SCADA and HMI to range of PLC’s and Instruments

Online Training


In the Online Training courses, our expert instructors & IT team use live theory lectures, practical exercises and all required tools to convey the training content described in the learning objectives in a comprehensive and practical manner.

Our instructors is always available for questions and discussions. The practical exercises are conducted in the virtual exercises Lab or performed remotely on our training equipment.


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