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Introduction to Classic Control (Traditional Control)
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Introduction to Classic Control (Traditional Control)

Looking to improve your career in Industrial Automation track and being able to design a complete project?
If your answer is big YES, then you’re definitely in the right place.

Why this course is Powerful ?

Because it qualifies you to deal with Classic Control greatly, and these are among your steps to delve deeper into Automation &  Control (PLC, SCADA, HMI) …. etc.

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of Electricity مباديء و اساسيات الكهرباء
  • Motors & Drives functionality وظائف المواتير و مغيرات السرعة
  • Control Panels & its Components لوحات التحكم و مكوناتها
  • Designing of control panels تصميم لوحات التحكم
  • Using EKTS Software and implement many of applications / Exercises استخدام السوفت وير لتصميم وتنفيذ التطبيقات المختلفة

Course Content

Section1: Basics of Electricity

1.1 Sources of Electricity

1.2 Conductors, Insulators & Semi-Conductors

1.3 Current

1.4 Voltage

1.5 Resistance

1.6 Power

1.9 Inverters

1.10 Rectifiers

1.11 Electromagnetism

Section2: Motors & Drives

2.1 Motors

2.2 Braking of AC Motors

2.3 Drives

Section3: Control Panels & its Components

3.1 Cables

3.2 Bus Bars

3.3 Circuit Breakers

3.4 Overload Relays

3.5 Switches

3.6 Push Buttons

3.7 Panel meters

3.8 Light Indicators

3.9 Relays

3.10 Contactors

3.11 Timers

3.12 Counters

3.13 PLCs

Section4: Designing Of Control Panels

4.1 Hardware Design Procedure

4.2 Physical Layout Drawing

4.3 Schematic Drawing

Section5: Introduction to Classic Control

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Sensors

5.3 Actuators

5.4 Multimeters

Section6: EKTS Software

6.1 Using Simulator

6.2 Localize EKTS

Section7: Exercises

7.1 Start & Stop of a motor

7.2 Tank level control

7.3 Garage Door

7.4 Traffic Lights

7.5 Star/Delta starting of a 3 phase motor

7.6 Starting & Forward–Reverse of a 3 phase motor

7.7 Braking of 3 phase motor

7.8 Multi-tasks on a production line

Who this course is for:

  • Fresh / Junior Electrical Engineers حديثي التخرج \ مهندسين الكهرباء
  • No previous engineering experience in control من ليس لديهم خبرة مسبقة في مجال التحكم
  • Students who want to begin their career in control / industrial automation المهتمين في الدخول الى مجال التحكم
  • Technicians الفنيين
  • Maintenance / Service Technicians فنيين الصيانة
  • Operators المشغلين

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