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WIACS Trading & Automation Is a leading provider of integrated automation services, it’s founded in 2011 and had a team have more than 15 year’s experiences.We are a company primarily engaged in providing services in Egypt and Middle East.

We are committed to providing quality and comprehensive, innovative solutions in Automation and Control Systems coupled with technology expertise and applied to create total system Solutions in Industrial plants;

Delivering innovations to help our customers in improving their business efficiency, reducing their operating costs, optimizing their production lines usage, and ultimately, increasing their profitability.

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Frequently Ask questions

WIACS treats every project as a unique challenge, so that we come up with a solution that is catered to your specific demands, budget and desires. However, our Front-End Engineering Design process leaves nothing to chance and ensures that you have an information-based budget and timeline available to you before work begins. You know what to expect and what’s happening every step of the way. If you are interested in getting a quote for your industrial automation project, you can speak directly with us.

If you are going to use SIEMENS convert from S5 to S7 tool, there is no problem with wringing messages but you must have no errors in conversion to be completed.

You should revise the resolution all of analog inputs / outputs in S5 and study the processes behavior after using analog inputs / outputs cards from S7 because there are different in resolution between S5 and S7 card

Many Step 5 functions have been replaced in Step 7 by integrated functions that you do not need to convert, so you should be aware about all of S5 functions/instructions were used in your S5 project.

For example:

SD is an ON-delay timer, in Step 7 you have replace them with TON functions from IEC instructions library, or the older ST-timer SODT.

MUL 16 and DIV 16 can be replaced by MUL_I and DIV_I in Step 7.

So remove these lines of code when you convert the s5 program, insert the correct functions in Step 7 to replace them.

Replace the FB 242 call in the S5 program by a *I (or MUL_I in LAD) or *D (or MUL_DI in LAD) instruction in the S7 program.

Most industrial automation systems is built with integration in mind, which is why it is such a popular and successful tool for modernizing your plant and increasing your ROI at the same time. WIACS will work with you to migrate – create a custom system that will focus on maintaining the integrity of your current plant functions and integrate seamlessly into your existing systems.

You can open the manual of any CPU to get information about the SF and BF.

If SF is red, system fault occurs. There is any error in the system or RIO. Like Hardware or Software fault.

If BF is red, so its Bus fault

BF occurs when there is an error in the Communication bus such as link fail, RIO’s failure etc.

Industrial Communication Protocols types:

MPI (Multi-Point Interface)

Siemens (MPI) is a proprietary interface of the programmable logic controller SIMATIC S7 of the company Siemens, It is used for connecting the stations programming (PC or personal computer), operator consoles, and other devices in the SIMATIC family. This technology has inspired the development of protocol Profibus.

Profibus (usually styled as PROFIBUS, as a portmanteau for Process Field Bus) is a standard for fieldbus communication in automation technology and was first promoted in 1989 by BMBF (German department of education and research) and then used by Siemens. … PROFIBUS is a standardized, open, digital communications system for all areas of application in manufacturing and process automation

EtherNet/IP is an industrial network protocol that adapts the Common Industrial Protocol to standard Ethernet. EtherNet/IP is one of the leading industrial protocols in the United States and is widely used in a range of industries including factory, hybrid and process.

For more information, check this video:


Each SIMATIC S7-300 possesses an integrated interface. There are many possible ways to attach a PC or laptop to an MPI: – Integrated ISA- Communication processors for the PG – ISA- Communication processors for the PC (e.g. MPI-ISA- Card) – PCI- Communication processors for the PC (e.g. CP5611) – PCMCIA- Communication processors for the laptop (e.g. CP5511) – Adapter for the communication over the serial interface of a PC or laptop (e.g. PC-Adapter).

The following steps below describe the calibration and parameters of a PC-Adapter for a PC.

  1. Call Set PG-PC-Interface. (Start SIMATIC STEP 7 Set PG-PC-Interface)
  2. The module Select is available as the MPI-interface (Select).
  3. Select the desired module e.g. choose PC-Adapter and Install (PC-Adapter Install). 4. Make sure the desired module is present (PC Adapter Close).
  4. Choose Properties of PC-Adapter (MPI) (PC Adapter (MPI) Properties).
  5. Select COM-Port and the Transmission Rate of the serial interface.
  6. Set the MPI-Address, Timeout, Transmission Rate and Highest Node Address.
  7. Accept the configuration (OK).


For more information, check these videos:



Some beneficial features of a typical industrial automation system are integrated controllers, multiple remote operational control, real time communications, a fluid integration of the plant networks across the plant’s operational platform and collect information about all of production phases… etc.

Our Projects


08 Jul

WAROM Explosion-proof Junction boxes – WIACS Authoraid agent in Egypt

BHD91 SERIES EXPLOSION-PROOF JUNCTION BOXES ◆ Explosion protection to IEC, NEC, EN, UL, CSA ◆ Can be used in Zone 1,2,21,22 ...

27 Dec

Explosion Proof Lighting Technology

Light Fittings for Fluorescent Lamp / LED Light Fittings / Pendant Light Fittings / Floodlights / Street lamps / Hand Lamps ...

30 Aug

EGPC Registration

WIACS is now registered with Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) Regstration number: 164/22/8/2023  

We can provide you with the best and most economic solutions for different
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