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Startup and commissioning is risky business

Electrician engineer work  tester measuring  voltage and current of power electric line in electical cabinet control.

Startup and commissioning accounts for barely 5% of all operations.

In fact, most engineers participate in one only every couple of years. It’s during these types of non-routine activities that 70% of major accidents occur

You may only have a few personnel with solid startup practices and that knowledge may be at risk due to employee attrition or an aging workforce. Without the proper resources and skill sets, you open the door to several startup risks, including:

Delayed or missed production date

Added capital expense costs (overruns)

Lost revenue (extended project timeline)

Additional operating expense with no production

Environmental, health and safety risks

Under these conditions, attempting to execute effective startups without a proven process in place puts your entire operation at risk — financially and physically.

Your path to startup and commissioning doesn’t have to be risky. WIACS’s with proven experience commissioning , takes advantage of our efficiencies years of works we’ve gained through years of experience to help you start up smarter — and sooner. So you will save time, money to eliminate unexpected troubles and avoid any delays.

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