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We offer a lot of automated solutions in water and waste water treatment plants based on different types of treatment’s technologies and our large experience in this field.


We can provide you with the best and most economic solutions for different treatment plants which will achieve the perfect control, monitoring and following up the whole process.


Automation system in the water treatment plants not depend only on the PLC and SCADA control system, but the measurement instruments are an important factor to achieve the correct control, so we can also design, select and supply a complete solutions such as flow, leave, pressure, temperature measurements and water analysis systems.

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Our offer is extendable for most of the used technologies in water treatment plants such as

– Screening

– Clarification

– Coagulation

– Flocculation

– Filtration


And in waste water treatment plants such as

– Oil and grease removal

– Settling

– Biological Treatment

– Sludge Thickening.

Our scoop is not limited to new projects

But also we offer maintenance services, rehabilitation and upgrading of old plant’s control system and emergency site visits for solving any critical issues.

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